How can you offer Free Small Business Websites?

Why offer Free small business Websites? Well, after 14 years in a very competitive market we thought we could kill two birds with one stone! Raise our profile AND help small businesses and Startup Businesses to get a good foothold in quality website design.

How? What’s the catch?

There really is no catch. If you go for one of our free small business web designs then that is it in nutshell. You do not have to pay a penny and you are under no obligation to upgrade. However, as a business, just like yourself, we have to survive. Therefore we how you will like what we have done for you and that we can interest you in upgrading to other services we offer. We feel this is a very fair deal.

Why are your “wuksites” better than say…Wix Websites?

Good question. And easy to answer. You will notice that companies like Wix advertise on TV. There are a few of them offering Build your own solutions. These type of platforms actually charge you for the privilege of building your own small business website. BUT a website is not JUST a website. This ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach can never match a properly put together small business website! They will too, then try to up-sell you. But you have no experience in how to really put a small business website together. SEO alone (and web design) when done correctly takes “Years” of expertise and development. Imagine we all followed a DIY approach to everything?? Nothing would get done correctly and you yourself , after years of training and experience would be out of business.

For a cool, small business website, built professionally and at absolutely no cost to you simply visit

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