Commercial Vehicle Locks

Roger Blackwell from “Commercial Vehicle Locks” approached us approx ten years ago. He said “If you can get the phrase commercial vehicle locks to number one on Google I will sat with you forever!”

Not only did we get “commercial Vehicle Locks” to the number one spot we have maintained that result for them for over ten years. Also we got them HUNDREDS of more listings with anything to do with Van and Truck Locks at number one right across London and the South East UK

Along with this we designed and built their website to go hand in hand with all the amazing Google results we have achieved for them over all of these years.

View this website by clicking here

What we delivered 

  • Hosting
  • Responsive Web Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Geo Targeted SEO (Getting found in all their trading areas!)
  • Video
  • Customer Design
  • Longevity (Over 9 years using WUKmedia)
Using our SEO services Commercial Vehicle Locks are:
Van Lock Repairs London (Number one on Google) (Number one on Google)
Truck Lock Repairs (Number three on Google) (Number one on Google)
Van Lock Repairs Kent (Number one on Google)  (Number three on Google)